"There is only one reason in the world to go fishing: to enjoy yourself. Anything that detracts from enjoying yourself is to be avoided."  -Leigh Perkins

Private and Group Instruction

Our private and group instruction is designed to be flexible to the needs of our clients. The programs that are listed below are samples of how a fly fishing class can be structured for you, your family or small group. Fly fishing is skill that you won't master in one class, but rather it's a progression that you'll learn bit by bit over an entire lifetime. Each class can be presented between one to three days, with more content and detail provided for the longer programs.

Two sisters Fly fishing on the Pecos River

Couples Trout Fishing Class


Combine learning the art of fly fishing for trout with a vacation or long weekend in Santa Fe. Our Couples fly fishing program is structured to allow you to spend part of the day learning how to fly fish, and then spend the remainder of the day exploring Santa Fe’s museums, churches, shopping and fine dining. Lessons will begin at 8am and wrap up at 2pm, with a break for lunch.

David Lemke demonstrates the parts of a fly rod

Basic Trout Fly Fishing


The Beginning Trout Fishing workshop is designed to give an introductory exposure to fly fishing on a trout stream. You will acquire some of the basic knowledge needed to understand fly fishing and techniques that will orient you to fishing on moving water. Our assumption is that our student has a very limited knowledge of fly fishing and would like to have the skills needed to have some independence when fly fishing. This workshop is conducted in a classroom, lawn and on-stream setting.


The workshop will give you the foundations skills in the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of fly fishing gear to help you make educated choices about rods, reels, fly lines and leaders, waders, boots and required accessories. Help you figure out what you need and what you don’t need.
  • Basic fly casting, including: Fly casting mechanics, basic foundation cast, roll cast, pick-and-lay-down cast, false casting and basic mends.
  • Basic knot tying to enable you to connect all of the pieces, from the backing on the reel to the fly on the end of the leader.
  • Basic trout foods and proper fly selection to catch fish.
  • Basic discussion of differ type of water on the stream including, runs, riffles, pools and pocket waters.
  • Safe stream wading methods and fishing etiquette

Sandie fly fishing the spring runoff below Mora River confluence

Trout Fly Fishing Strategies on Moving Waters

This workshop is designed to provide the fly fisherman with more advanced tools than our beginning trout fishing workshop. You will be taught skills and techniques that are used by experienced fly fishermen, which will help you, develop independence and success on the stream.

The workshop will be conducted in both classroom and on stream covering the following topics:

  • More advanced casting techniques, focused on proper fly presentation on the stream
  • More advanced knot tying that emphasizes the proper rigging for nymph fishing and multiple fly combinations, and leader assembly.
  • A more advanced presentation of fly fishing equipment – rods, lines and rod flex.
  • Aquatic insects, collection and identification, and proper fly selection.
  • Trout habitat in a stream and reading the water to predict likely productive fishing waters
  • Dry fly and nymph fishing techniques.


Upon completion of these workshops, you should have developed the knowledge that will make you a more successful stream trout fisherman.


Focused Instruction


Periodically, we will offer short classes that are focused on a specific topic. These classes will generally be half a day or less, covering topics like casting and presentation techniques, rigging, fly selection and gear selection. If you're interested in a topic we can customize something for you.




Hourly casting instruction - $75/hr - up to 2 students

Focused instruction - $125 in two hour blocks - per student

Trout fishing instruction - $275 half day; $375 full day - up to 2 students

Ask for pricing for additional students

Plus New Mexico sales tax


All of our instructors are CPR certified